Two hundred years ago a farmhouse was built on the borders of Alhaurin and Mijas.  Many years later it was expanded into a beautiful and secluded villa by its eccentric and reclusive new owner.  At that time the only access from Fuengirola to Alhaurin was by means of a winding dirt track.  When he discovered that the track was to be made into a road, he was furious and soon afterwards sold the villa to a restaurateur.


Permission was granted for a grand country inn but unfortunately the company fell on hard times and it had to be sold.  The property became overgrown concealing the magnificent villa from the outside world. The derelict house was ransacked, and later taken over by hippies.  They lived by selling scrap metal and farming pigs.


This was its condition when the present owners bought it in 2001.  The structure was still grand and embedded solidly into the mountainous rock.  Armed with a vision of how majestic the villa could be, a massive expansion was envisaged.   Detailed drawings were made and eventually building permission was obtained.  So began four years of renovation where every detail and design was meticulously planned.  What became a labour of love has resulted in the uniqueness of ‘Fort Inglés’ today.